Jussi Annala was the vicar during the time when the Teuva church was being built. Annala’s daughter Eeva Niemi remembers that the architect Elsi Borg presented Tove Jansson to the building committee as the artist for creating the altarpiece.

Eila Seppä, a resident of Hämeenlinna, remembers how the first impression of the altarpiece was startling.

”When everyone was accustomed to seeing the high altarpieces of cathedrals, which rose upwards to heaven, this looked like some little splotch.” She mentions that later one became accustomed to the shape.

Svante Lähdes (1893–1975) was involved in the building of the Teuva church from the beginning to the end, working first in the employ of the contractor Kosti Holmén and after his death for the master Paavo Räihä. He was a cement mason by trade but, when needed, he also did other cement and supporting work.

Teuva resident Timo Suovaara worked as the boiler-man in the church and watched Tove Jansson secretly while she was painting.

”At first, I went up next to Tove but she didn’t like to be watched. She drove me off. But I hid myself behind a pile of stuff and was as quiet as a mouse.”