New, modern style church was dedicated for its first Advent 1953

The Teuva church was dedicated for its first Advent on November 29, 1953. Nearly three years had passed since fire had destroyed the previous church.
"Who among the citizens of Teuva could ever forget that Sunday night, January 15th in 1950 when the parish of Teuva lost their big, beautiful church. It was never determined with any certainty exactly what started the fire, an electric- or heating device, most likely the latter." (Vaasa 28.11.193)

Planning of the new church began immediately but building was delayed by differing opinions as to whether the church should be rebuilt in its original location or whether an entirely new church should be built in a new location. The decision was for this latter option.

The new church was modern and the architectural office Elsi Borg designed it. The cost of the church was approximately 80 million Finnish marks. Work began in the summer of 1952 and the cornerstone was laid in September. The Archbishop Ilmari Salomies conducted the dedication with the assistance of the ministers.

  Kirkon vihkiäiset 29.11.1953