Watching the painting in secret

Teuva resident Timo Suovaara worked as the boiler-man in the church and watched Tove Jansson secretly while she was painting.

”At first, I went up next to Tove but she didn’t like to be watched. She drove me off. But I hid myself behind a pile of stuff and was as quiet as a mouse.”

Timo Suovaara remembers Jansson smoking and earnestly painting her painting in the church. ”Now and then, I had to go and add wood but I’d come right back and Tove never knew that I was watching. It was a fine thing to watch an artist at work. The painting turned out beautiful, piece by piece it took shape.”

Suovaara remembers seeing Tove Jansson for the first time as she was coming from Korhonen’s Boarding House and walking down the slope from the station. Suovaara also participated in the church’s dedication ceremony.

Timo Suovaara tells that the painting has generated a great deal of attention over the years.

"It was a great success for Teuva that they were able to get an artist like that."